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Clay classes coming            ​                  soon

  Intro ceramics starts Feb 6

  Make a Cup, Bowl, & plate starts feb 11

Make a garden sculpture starts march 11, 2023

         details below


      register at the desk in pineapple          gallery, over the phone, or on        event bright

    208 South Central Avenue, Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach Studio Art Center

208 South Central Avenue, Flagler Beach Phone 386 562 2384

Cup, Bowl, & Plate Hand Building Course Class Meeting Times & Dates 

 1 PM-3 PM

February 11, February 18, & Feb 25

In this course, meeting for two hours on three consecutive Saturdays, participants will learn basic hand building techniques and use them to construct their own cup, bowl, and plate. At our final session the pieces will have been finish fired and ready to take home.

~The first class session will focus on learning a few basic hand building techniques and then using those techniques to construct their own pieces. Related Ceramic History and instruction on use of ceramic materials will also be presented. The pieces formed will be dried and bisque fired.

~The second class session will be devoted to glaze info and application on our bisque ware. Underglaze painting will also be covered.

~The third and final class session, we will unload the kiln and discuss our finish fired work.

~Course fee: $120 - Everything included: instruction, materials, and firing

~No experience necessary, all experience levels are welcomed. Even advanced artists can learn new techniques and enjoy this session.

~The instructors will be attentive and involved, working with participants as needed to insure their success.

The course will be lead by Instructor Don Davis, assisted by Audrey Scherr.

Don earned his MFA in Ceramic Art from Rhode Island School of Design and operated his own studio in Asheville, North Carolina before becoming Professor of Art at University, now happily ‘retired’ to Flagler Beach. He is author of Wheel Thrown Ceramics and is represented in other publications including Hand Built Ceramics by Kathy Triplet.

Audrey is an accomplished painter and has studied art her entire life, including clay, attending Virginia Commonwealth University, Kent State University, and participating in workshops in the USA and Paris, France.

Flagler Beach Studio Art Center

208 South Central Avenue, Flagler Beach Phone 386 562 2384

Introduction to Ceramics

 A comprehensive course covering history and techniques of Ceramic Art. This course meets for two hours, two days a week for 4 weeks - 16 contact hours.

Meeting Dates:  1-3 PM each day

Monday, February 6 - Introductory presentation, pinch techniques

Thursday, February 9 - Continue and finalize pinch pieces

Monday February 13 - Slab technique and box with lid construction

Thursday, February 16 - Finalize slab boxes

Monday February 20 - Make a Bowl and Plate using bisque mold forms

Thursday February 23 - Load Bisque kiln

Monday February 27 - Unload bisque kiln, decorate and glaze pieces, reload kiln for glaze firing

Thursday March 2 - Unload Glaze kiln, discuss our finished pieces, try the wheel?

Course fee: $175 - Everything included - instruction, clay, glaze materials, firing

No experience necessary, all experience levels are welcomed. Even advanced artists can learn new techniques and enjoy this session.

Coming in March

Make a Garden Sculpture - meets for two hours on 3 consecutive Saturdays Meeting Times & Dates 1 PM-3 PM

Saturday March 11, Sat. March 18, Sat. March 25

In this course we will learn a unique pole forming technique and make a garden sculpture to take home.

~ First meeting- Learn the pole forming method and construct your own garden sculpture

~Second meeting- Apply surface treatments to your bisque pieces

~Third meeting - Review the finish fired work and take home

~Course fee: $120 - Everything included: instruction, materials, and firing

~No experience necessary, all experience levels are welcomed. Even advanced artists can learn new techniques and enjoy this session. Register and pay for course at counter.

The Grand Opening was a Grand Success!

The gallery is open 10 till 5 Monday through Saturday and Noon till 5 on Sundays. Please come by and see us. 


Pineapple Gallery Grand Opening Celebration

Thursday October 24th, 2019 - 4:30 till 8 PM 

​Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 5 PM

IF you are in the area please come by and join us for the festivities at our new coop gallery in Flagler Beach at 208 South Central Avenue between GOLA and Kokomo's and across from The Flagler Beach Historical Museum

With music. treats, demos ongoing through the weekend


Sunday, April 7, 2019

at 11 AM the Gallery Of Local Art,  GOLA ArtShare Event 


'The Art of Pottery Making & Low Temp Smoke Firing Demo' by Don Davis

In the GOLA courtyard right across the street  from the Flagler Beach Historical Museum

Flagler Beach, Florida

No Charge

The replica Timucuan pots above were made as demonstration pieces for the Flagler Beach Historical Museum Native American Days workshop



~For info on future sessions contact the Museum~

Forming the pieces, January 12

photos by KAthy Wilcox

It was a beautiful January day to work outside for our forming session. Basic hand building techniques and surface textural designs replicating those used by the Timucua were introduced and used for the three pieces that each participant made. The idea was to make pieces inspired by the ancient Timucua who lived in our area of north Florida from 2,500 BCE until the early 1700's. By making and firing these pieces, participants are invited to connect with this ancient pottery culture and to use the museum collection as a vehicle of inspiration. While the basic forming techniques we used may be considered primitive, I always find that these basic techniques can be used and practiced again and again to make increasingly refined and meaningful pieces, probably forever.

The firing, January 26, 2019

Photos by kathy wilcox

This firing method replicates the effects of the ancient Native American techniques, showing mottled flame and smoke patterning but eliminates most breakage risk due to heat shock because we bisque fire first. The Timucuan potters would have once fired their pieces and used a much longer firing process to harden the ware, gradually warming the pieces to minimize cracking. The Timucua would also not have had the convenience of using these nice bricks that we used in order to contain the fire and to protect the ware from the brisk wind that was blowing that day.  They probably would have dug a shallow pit and perhaps mounded sand or dirt around the perimeter to help contain the heat and buffer the wind. Shards from older, broken ware could also have been placed on top to protect the ware, enabling them to increase the burn by building up the fire on top of the pots as well. 



The lease was up November 30, 2018 on the Oceanshore Boulevard storefront studio rental spot. So, we are letting it go and will work at home on a limited basis until we find the right place with studio and home together.

Meanwhile the work will be available at GOLA in Flagler beach, jane's in new smyrna, The gallery group in st augustine, and florida craftart in st petersburg or by contacting via email at





The Nuovo Forno Etrusco Project 

2009 & 2010

This research project involved the making of a 1/15th scale model of an Etruscan kiln for an exhibition in San Giovanni Val D'Arno, Italy in 2009 and then the design, construction, and firing of a functional full size replica kiln in 2010 at Castello di Spannocchia, Italy. The model was based on the etruscan kiln discovered and excavated at Cetamura Del Chianti, Italy under the direction of Dr nancy De Grummond and dr charles ewell. the full sized functional kiln was based on that same kiln and the reconstructed etruscan kiln foundation on display in the museo Archaeologico in colle di val d'elsa, italy. 

The Crew

The crew for the 2010 kiln building project was a dream team. From left to right, Olivier Rollin, John Simmons, Richard Kortum, Jon Bowers, and me on the far right . Olivier is an extremely talented designer, artist, and good friend that I hav​e worked with on several previous projects, capable of figuring out any complex detail. John was an exceptional graduate student at the time, working on his MFA in Ceramics, and a quick study who could catch on to any task needed. Richard is a Professor of Humanities & Philosophy, an intelligent driving force on the project, and an extremely capable artist & craftsman. Jon is an energetic and incredibly gifted engineer/machine shop director/potter who can build anything. 

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