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Tower Groups & Other Sculptural Pieces

The Tower forms began as obelisks in 2001, used in sculptural pieces. They have now evolved into open wavy tubes usually made in groups of three, sometimes with shelves and often seen as outdoor pieces. 

Muse Baskets and Canisters

The first Muse Baskets were developed during a 2005 residency at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. They are an ongoing series that continues to change and grow over the years. The etrusco  Cannisters are a more recently begun series  inspired by Etruscan bronze vessels and small sculptures.

Vases and Animal Sculpture


Don's functional line called Oceanware began in the Asheville, NC studio, inspired by his longing for the sea while living far away in the mountains. It has now been rekindled in new forms and designs here in Flagler Beach, inspired by actually living next to the ocean. 

Souvenir Tiles and Mini Sea Bowls

Souvenirs have great value as reminders, memories of a place, a time, or an event in our lives. With this in mind I am happy to make Artful Souvenirs relating to this place where I live and work. And, as a side benefit for me, they serve as exciting forms and pallets for experimentation, study and learning which can be applied to the rest of my work in clay. 

Tiles and Wall Pieces

The polychrome terracotta relief tiles were begun on a research stay in Italy several years back, inspired by the surrounding cultural history and studying  works by Italian Renaissance Masters.

The new tiles and wall pieces now in process here in Flagler Beach build on that foundation and draw inspiration from my current surroundings. 


In the Sea


Previous Work

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